Logo Reveal | The Healing Ride

I created this logo for a fellow horse-woman and friend, Charlene Waddell - who just recently started a business offering support and resources for people interested in red light therapy and aromatherapy. The company's goal is to provide natural therapeutic opportunities and performance support for people, their horses, and pets. Charlene is a distributor for Young Living essential oils and a brand rep for Photonic Health alternative & holistic health services.

The process of creating a logo for Char began with a 'mood board' - with the goal of capturing the feel & aesthetic she was looking to encapsulate in her brand. We both agreed her brand should be warm, approachable, and soothing with a little bit of a western accent.


From there, I was able to begin drafting ideas.

After sending Char some options, we agreed upon the primary logo design that appears in the first image. But, I like to offer secondary branding elements & complimentary logos to clients when I can -  I find it helpful to give my client multiple branding options for them to use throughout their marketing strategy. For example, Char didn't want her company to only appeal to horse owners but also have elements that would speak to her human clients and those interested in using her services for their smaller pets. While the primary logo is captivating, I wanted to provide her with logo elements that she could use to for non-horse related marketing items. The complimentary branding elements are more simplistic & less "equine specific" but still embody the therapeutic and approachable feel she was going for, while also staying 'on brand.' The secondary logo designs allow the brand some flexibility and dimension - to support the primary logo or create brand interest.

Here are some of the secondary branding pieces I created:


If you're interested in the services The Healing Ride provides, there will be a website up and running soon. In the mean time, you can find more information & get in touch with Charlene through her Facebook page - here.